The Old Wine


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Grape Variety

100% Pinot Noir

Vines Age

35 years.


Limestone on hills exposed to the South-West.


Electronic thermo-regulated fermentation (16-20°) in stainless steel tanks. No malolactic fermentation. Maturing on fine lees.




Colour : deep red Nose : Complex and intense. Palate : Full bodied. Very well balanced.


All elegant red meats , interesting with smoked fish.


9 to 12 °C

  • Alfredo Bartolomeo

    I see you have something to talk about. Well, I have something to shout about. Infact something to sing about. But I\’ll just keep quiet and let you carry on.

  • María Maricruz

    From this day on I shall be known as Bob. For Bob is a good name and I am good. But if you want you can just call me Sally.

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