Rare Limited Production


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Grape Variety

100% Pinot Noir

Vines Age

45 years


Grapes harvested manually with two successive sorting, maceration during 3 and a half weeks, malolactique fermentation in barrels and maturing in barrels during 12 months. Non filtered wine.




Colour : Purple. Nose : Spicy, cacao with red fruit notes. Palate : Ample, silky with a beautiful minerality.


Delicate red meats . Refined cheeses


8 to 10 °C

  • Shannon Davis

    Look! In the sky. It\’s a bird, it\’s a plane. Or is it a hellicopter? No actually I think it is a bird. Or maybe I\’m just seeing things. Who knows… After 10 shots of Whiskey things start to get a bit strange.

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