About Transonic Communication Limited

The company was established in 2005 and has grown rapidly through aggressive marketing and technical support strategy.

The company is managed and supported by professionals. These individuals had excellent service records and to date their performances are recalled with honour and gratitude. These personnel were trained continuously both at home and abroad. Some having also served overseas. This company aims to develop business with the govt. organization and allied agencies. At present the company has established a very good reputation and efficiency heels in these sectors.

Transonic Communication Limited has now concentrated business mainly on sales and marketing and after sales service of products on behalf of manufacturers with global reputation. Due to deft handling and sincere sales service, the company and it’s products are well acknowledged amongst the various users.

By dint of its trustworthy and dedicated services Transonic Communication Limited has won the confidence of various  Manufacturers and suppliers of Defense, Aviation, Communication, Electronics and Commercial utilities. Many more foreign companies have evinced their keen interest for setting up business relation with it.

The company is well geared to meet the emerging challenges from the user of the aforementioned products. Our goal is to challenge the most exacting business standards in terms of ethic and goal.